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Blackburn Athletics generated $20k in new profit in the first 60 days of using FLiiP. That’s one of hundreds of examples of owners who are making their management software pay for itself. 

They’ve caught on that they don’t need to struggle with software that feels like landing a plane just to answer basic questions, like “what’s my churn rate?” or “how well are my free trials converting?”

It’s time to break free from tech that’s holding you back and crush your goals with the system built by gym owners, for gym owners.

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Here’s why owners across North America are switching to FLiiP

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All of the Features, No Headaches

“I strongly dread training new employees on this software. It usually takes me about two hours just to go through everything with them...It's a headache.”

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Lauren - Personal Trainer and MindBody user in the US

FLiiP was built for gym owners who can't afford to spend time learning to use confusing software. That’s why we prioritize making sure new employees can be set up and ready to roll in a fraction of the time.

Right out of the box, you’ll get: detailed reports, automations, mass emails, scheduling and everything in between. 

FLiiP is the new secret weapon for gyms looking to simplify how they connect with members and run their business.

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Gains you can feel. Pricing you can’t

“We have a small business and don't do a lot of volume but in order to get the marketing features we have to pay a huge premium.”

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Theresa - Owner and MindBody user in the US

You shouldn't have to pay for ten features you don't need in order to gain access to one that you do. 

FLiiP's pricing is built so that you can focus on making money with your software, not spending it. Our powerful sales & marketing tools are helping our partners add an average of $5k/month in revenue in the first 12 months after making the switch.

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Your Community

At FLiiP we don’t operate a marketplace. That means, your clients and your revenue are yours to keep. You’ll never be charged a commission on new member sign-ups. And you’ll never have to worry about “offer hunters” who are scanning the app for offers and are out the door as fast as they came in.

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A customer service team that
knows your business

We don’t take for granted that gym owners across North America trust us to be their growth partner. 

With FLiiP you’re never more than one step away from speaking to a Customer Success Manager who has a deep understanding of your business. We’re convinced that if our partners win, we win.

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Switching can be scary. The thought of customizing a new system to your gym, retraining your employees and members, and transferring years worth of data is enough to make 1970’s Arnold curl up in a ball and cry.

But let’s face it: if you were the type to let fear hold you back from being your best self, you’d have never started your gym in the first place.

We’ve been transitioning gyms from Mindbody for 5 years and have built a system that’ll get you up and running in 10 days or less. We’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can take care of your gym.

You won’t quite be sipping protein shakes on the beach, but you’ll be close.

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