#1 Zen Planner Alternative for Gyms

Prairie Crossfit increased active memberships by 38% in 6 months after switching from Zen Planner to FLiiP. That’s one of hundreds of examples of owners who are making their management software pay for itself.

Gym owners across North America are catching on that time wasted trying to get things done on software that’s buggy and complicated isn’t just a hassle - it’s the difference between just surviving and living the dream.

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Break free from the tech that’s holding
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There are lots of reasons why gym owners are switching from Zen Planner to FLiiP. But we’ll let Derek from Prairie Crossfit explain why he made the switch.

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Here’s why owners across North America are switching to FLiiP

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All of the Features, No Headaches

“While Zen Planner had a lot of features, it was terribly difficult to use them. The software was not intuitive, and in many instances required 3 or 4 steps to complete a task when only 1 or 2 should have been needed.”

Capterra review from
Jeremiah, Personal Trainer and Zen Planner user in USA

FLiiP was built for gym owners who can't afford to spend time learning to use confusing software. That’s why we prioritize making sure you get what you need in a fraction of the time of other tools.

Right out of the box, you’ll get: detailed reports, automations, mass emails, scheduling and everything in between. Only difference is that you’ll be spending your time on the floor instead of trying to figure out how to set up a free trial.

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Sales & Marketing Tools to Fuel Your Growth

Make up to 300% return with powerful referral programs, convert trials into loyal members with SMS campaigns that have a 97% open rate, and build your gym’s online reputation with reviews.

Book a demo to learn how our partners add an average of $5k/month in revenue in the first 12 months after switching to FLiiP from Zen Planner.

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RISE by FLiiP turns 3 tools into one

Juggling different systems for your website, email and SMS campaigns, socials, ads can be overwhelming and expensive. With RISE by FLiiP you’ll get state of the art tech for all things growth, all in one place.

Here’s what that means:

  • Website builder customized to your look and feel
  • Email and SMS campaigns complete with workflow templates that can help you add 5 new members every month without lifting a finger. Work with proven templates or customize your own
  • Integrated social and message feeds so that you never miss a message
  • Ad templates so that you can launch online promotions guaranteed to drive new memberships

Combine RISE with FLiiP and you'll never need to look anywhere else.

Ask us how much our clients are saving when they move to RISE.


Lose Fewer Members

Collect member feedback to improve your customer experience and use activity reports to identify members at risk of dropping out. Set up two-way email and SMS workflows to make sure that you don’t miss your chance to keep them.

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Make the Most of Your Services

You've put the work in to build the brand, now let's make the most of everything you have to offer. Delight your members by selling products in an online shop, make classes more accessible by offering them virtual and on-demand, and build a tight-knit community by running events and workshops.

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Make sense of your data

The problem for most gym owners is that their software makes it so confusing to access their data that they struggle to answer basic questions like “what’s my churn rate?” or “how well are my free trials converting?”

When it comes to numbers, we prioritize simplicity and impact. That means, all of your most important data will be at your fingertips so that you can make confident decisions that will grow your business.

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Stop stressing over stability

Getting to know your customer service reps “on a first name basis” as one Zen Planner client shares on Capterra, is nice, but not when it means you’re spending most of your time and energy dealing with software issues.

FLiiP’s 99.95% uptime guarantee means you’ll never have to worry about your software resulting in lost revenue, missing data, or frustrated clients and staff.

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“Being able to take payments means being able to keep the business open. So for about seven months, I had to tell people, if you want to make a payment, you have to come into the studio when we're there and we'll run it through for you. So I have no idea, there's no way of knowing how many people I lost because of that.”

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Megan Goodchild - FLiiP Partner and Owner of The Attic Yoga on Her Experience with Zen Planner

Modern and user-friendly

“The way the app looked, it always looked old. I always posted the workout on the website, as opposed to through Zen Planner, because it just didn't look new and fresh.”

Derek - Owner of Prairie Crossfit who switched from Zen Planner to FLiiP

We all know that it’s what inside that counts. And you put a lot of energy into creating an outstanding member experience inside your gym.

But now, that experience extends into your customers’ pockets and onto their laptops. FLiiP’s customizations allow you to create a platform that has your look and feel, so that you can be confident in your brand as your members browse your online shop and book classes.

Great looks AND a great personality?! Sounds like a perfect match.

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It seems counterproductive to charge you more for hitting your growth milestones. That’s why our pricing is built around your goals, and what tools will help you get there, not how many members you have.

And with how quickly gyms tend to grow after making the switch to FLiiP, it’s nice to not have to worry about whether you’ll be paying more next month. New members are to celebrate. Let’s keep it that way.

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Customer service

We don’t take for granted that gym owners across North America trust us to be their growth partner.

With FLiiP you’re never more than one step away from speaking to a Customer Success Manager who has a deep understanding of your business. We’re convinced that if our partners win, we win.

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“I'm more often than not talking to the same couple of people. So they know my business, and it's not reminding a new person every time about what we're talking about. So that's made it a lot easier and quicker to deal with issues.”

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Megan Goodchild - FLiiP Partner and Owner of The Attic Yoga on Her Experience with Zen Planner


Switching can be scary. The thought of customizing a new system to your gym, retraining your employees and members, and transferring years worth of data is enough to make Mr. Olympia era Arnold curl up into a ball and cry.

But let’s face it: if you were the type to let fear hold you back from being your best self, you’d have never started your gym in the first place.

We’ve been transitioning gyms from Zen Planner for 5 years and have built a system that’ll get you up and running in 10 days or less. We’ll do the heavy lifting so that you can take care of your gym.

You won’t quite be sipping protein shakes on the beach, but you’ll be close.

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